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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mucho Apologies :(

Oooh, I am so sorry I'd not posted yesterday :( It was a tad hectic and I hadn't brought my enormous stack of make up to my grandparents and to top it off my laptop cut off due to lack of power :(
I won't have a tutorial tonight either because I have hayfever and my eyes itch like you wouldn't believe so I'm dosed up on antihistamine and writing a heartfelt sorry to you.
I'm waiting for a 120 eyeshadows set to come from China, I ordered it a while back and it's taking ages to get here, when it does I promise something magic as compensation for my neglect. My cousins Evie and Katie have also devised a list for me to complete (the girls are not even teens yet and think this blog is super cool ^_^ love them) so I said I would, if you think I look crazy on any tutorial I'll blame them ;)
Thank you for being patient with me, we'll call this teething problems with it being my first blog :)

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