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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mahahahaha I have procured a willing victim :D

Teehee... My good buddy Shivani has permitted me to use her a guineapig... erm... I mean model to fashion some styles on. She has beautiful Asian skin, she comes from India, so I can practise some looks specifically for other ethnicities on this page :) I'm quite the mongrel myself being from all over Europe (Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Germany). She originally wanted me to just show her a pretty, simple everyday look for when she's out and about that sums up no hassel. I said fine, but can I video the make over as a tutorial for my blog. She said fiine, so long as it doesn't end up on youtube... deal.
Anyhoo, onto business, todays look:
Simple you think... mmm no.
I used a sharpened white Claire's Accessories body crayon from the black and white shades pack and the black no#1 khol pencil.
Hee hee, well a how to. Firstly, google... it helps visualise a zebra pattern on your lips if you can see one infront of you, so find a zebra print :) then using black khol, trace a zebras pattern on your lip, and variety, make some lines span your full lips, other keep to either the top or bottom lip, and some middly ones, that only span the middle of your lips, not touching the top or bottom. Fill in the gaps with the white crayon CAREFULLY so you don't smudge up your black and turn your lips grey cause that's not the point of this look. And that's the tricky bit... not smudging it because you put the black lines on first.

When you are done, if you want to preserve it for a long time-ish, lipcote your lips for longer lasting zerba-ness.
Enjoy Chickens.
I do appolgise for my appauling face at the moment, I feel a bit crap cause of the rain today :(

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