Monday, 2 April 2012


First blog... check it yeeeah :D
I was pootling my way around the internet as you do, memeing my brains out cause I loove meme's and I saw the sheer amount of rainbow in many of them... so I thought to myself "Why not rainbow?"
And so I did, and now I will disclose to you my rainbow wisdom and delight you by transferring digitally my rainbow onto your face like SLAP.
For your eyes:
I used several Barry M eyeliners (numbers 25, 24, 20, 19, 18, 23 and 1) and an Avon "supershock gel liner" in blackberry and a Claire's accessories body art crayon (yellow) from the rainbow set of 6.
Start nice and simple, from the inside of your upper lid, begin with the red eyeliner and trace a short line of colour, about the width of your middle finger nail, make it as thick as you like. Then the orange eyeliner, do similar, only making sure the beginning of your orange line slightly overlaps the end of the red and blend either with the eyeliner pencil, a cotton bud or your finger.  Now the yellow body crayon, if it's brand new, don't sharpen it, just delicately do the same as you did with the orange, overlapping the start of the yellow line with the end of the orange line; the yellow crayon is slightly greasy in its formula, so if it turns orangy with blending, don't worry, mine did, it still looks rocking, but if you do mind, wipe the tip of the cyaron and from the end of the yellow line work towards the orange until it's more yellowy. Now green, you may be coming to the end of your eye, don't flick the liner!!! Keep going with the edge of the eye like you see on my picture, blending the beginning of the green line with the end of the yellow line. now blue, same again now you should by now be on the lower lid, working under the lashes careful not to jab yourself in the eye ;) Again, blend the beginning of your blue line with the end of your green line... Purple is different, I found the Barry M didn't give me the purpley depth I wanted so I lightly dabbed the Avon super shock gel liner in blackberry and blended that over the purple.... PINK... same as the other colours... you now should have your rainbow repeat on your other eye. Use the black kohl to create a frame for you rainbow to make it pop! Do this by smoothing the black onto your tear line on your upper and lower lashes (the tearline is the inside bit under the lashes closest to your eye, if you blink when you do this, my tip is to look the other way from your eyeliners position, crazy tip, but it works and no, if you are careful you won't poke yourself in the eye, if you are still unsure don't do it) now mascara!!! Any mascara you like, personal choice. OK?
This i used Rimmel "exaggeratee full colour lip liner" in 024 (red diva) and the Clarie's accessories body art crayons rainbow pack (6 colours), also a collection 2000 gel liner "glam crystals" in funk3... I don't know if you get Clarie's accessories in America or Canada (If any Americans or Canadians are reading this blog) if you don't Yellow eyeliner if you can lay your hands on it will work fine, I hear Stargazers cosmetics does a yellow liner?

Anyway... start in either corner of your lips, (I started in my left hand corner) and line about half a centimeter before your cupids bow in red and fill in that small area, both upper and lower lid. Now the orange crayon, similar protion of lip, colour it in orange and bland the edge between the red and orange. Now yellow, this should fall roughly on your cupids bow area of your lip, fill in a similar protion of your lip and blend yellow to orange, now green crayon, you'll be roughly on your right hand section of lip, if space is getting tight improvise ;) you may need to use only a line of colour or whatever, and do the same as before, colour part of lip in, blend with previous colour, now blue, then purple, then pink. Don't worry if your lines are smudgy on your lip line, that will be solved in a jiffy! If your lip line is squiffy, take the gold glitter liner and on the outside of your lips, so NOT ON THE COLOURS line the edge of your lips to make glittery goodness. After all "Glitter makes everything better"
Now you should be done I stress DON'T LICK YOUR LIPS it won't taste as good as it looks I regret to say and it will ruin the look, if you want to seal it for a big night out, carefully coat your lips in "lipcoat" and beware, the glitter is not tasty it is icky but not dangerous.

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