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Friday, 6 April 2012

Peacock eyes...

Apologies for the shoddy camera work, only the flash ruined the colours which are much more intense in life than on pixle. AAAAny way, here's how I did it for you lot to do for yourselves :)
I figure this is pretty for a night out or if you fancied something original for a carnival or for fun.
First things first, equipment:
I recommend using brushes, I had to make do with cotton buds because mine have fallen to bits after much abuse. your colours are : Dark blue, turquoise/light blue, gold and leafy green. I also used a turquoise glitter (le freak 5 by collection 2000)
Start by dampening your brush and swirling it in the dark blue and in the center of your lid drawing a fat c shape with the dark blue. Clean your brush or grab a new one, and dampen it and coat it in the turquoise (or light blue, which ever you use) and fill in around the c shape to a small circle that doesn't quite fill your lid. New brush, or clean the old one, dampen it and swish it in the gold and draw a small arc around the edge of the turquoise/ light blue. Next, another new bruh or clean the old one, make it damp again and run it in the green colour and make a very thin line around the edge of the gold. That is the basics done. Because it's me though, I added glitter :D and after giving my eyelashes a go over with some mascara, I coated them in sparkly glitter and lined my lower lid with it too :D
I look tired don't I... I've had a long day for give me.

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