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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Citrus Fresh :D

Look how happy I am :) I get to wear some lippy on this one too :D You probably can't see it on this picture though :P it's not the right angle to pick up the shine of my gloss WHICH I BOUGHT TODAY SPECIALLY FOR THIS :D
OK, here is your list of ingredients for todays look: Barry M kohl liner number 24, Palette colours O4, O5 and O2, Barry M glossy tube number 9 and collection 2000 glam crystals in funk 3.
And this is how to:
Firstly, you load up your brush/finger/applicator with O5 and cover your eyelid with it, then use O2  to shade from the outer corner of your eyelid, to half way in, blending this further towards the inner corner. Then use O4 to contour, shade the crease of your eyelid and blend in a circles to blur the edges. Next, using the eyeliner, start away from the eye, placing the liner on the edge of where your eyeshadow is and create a pointy flick, going towards your eye, and line 2 thirds into your eyelid and taper this down into the lashes, thicken the point if desired. Where you haven't got orange eyeliner on your upper lid, (the last third) use the glitter eyeliner and curve this round the tear duct part of your eye, but don't take it into the lashes. Now use lashings of your favorite mascara on your lashes and when they are dry coat your top lashes with glittery eyeliner :D Sparkle sparkle.
Now for your lips, make sure they are flake free and clean, if they are a bit rough, use a toothbrush to smooth them out and apply a layer of gloss to upper and lower lips, blot the gloss on some tissue to remove excess, then apply again to create a sheer corally glow on your lips, also, this gloss smells amazing :D

Lovely Jubbly xx

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