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Friday, 4 May 2012

Eye of the Tiger :D

OK... I am sorry for not posting I really am but I've been pretty hectic. College is coming to an end, I am up to my eyeballs in work, I am trying to get as much time with my boyfriend as possible before he goes back to uni and various other stuff's going on too. I am sooooreeeeee :(
Anyway, I have a cool animal print one for you today hence the cheesy blog title :D
Got me grrrr on and gave y'all some tigery goodness. Hobbs would approve I think.

I used suprisingly few products to get this look :) so good for someone with a small set of the basics (that in my world means a whole palette like mine of colours, mascara and black liquid eyeliner... please tell me if it's not the case :P).

Anyway, this look... it needs some of this: Black liquid eyeliner, colours W1, O2 and O4 of the rainbow palette, Barry M eyeliner in #24 and optionally gold glittery eyeliner.
And now lets get down to it, this is how we do it:
Firstly, in the inner corner, use the white eyeshadow and layer it up so it is really opaque on your eyelid, usually white eyeshadows go on more translucent so make sure it's nice and strong on your eye and blend it outwards slightly towards the outer corner of your eye, then, using O2, tap a line where the white is blending into the rest of the lid and blend into the white. Then use O4 from the outer corner of the eye inwards, blending into the other colours. This is where we get upto making the lines, so if you are uncertain of doing them free hand straight away, grab a black kohl liner (just your average black pencil liner) and lightly draw some guides of slightly wiggly thin lines streaking up and down your eyelid, draw some mid way between the top and bottom of your eyelid too and don't let the lines span the length of your eyelid if you can help it. When you are happy with the rough draft go over the lines in black liquid liner (unless you have already used that instead of making guide lines, well done :P). That will cue the upper eye done, to add definition and to make it pop a bit more, use the orange pencil liner to lightly line under the lashes of your lower lid and then coat your lashes up in some mascara to make your eyes go RAWR!
Oki doki? If you want to, use gold glitter liner to coat over your lashes, gives it a bit extra something, a little more dimension to the look.

You don't even have to worry if a line or two gets a tad smudgy, have you ever seen a tiger with totally immaculate stripes after all?
Anyway my lovelies, happy prowling ;)

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