Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th century girl

Righty then, here we go :)
this one is pretty simple, and I have a massive rant to get through so that happily co-incides.
RANT: OK, I am absolutely skint, I have no money, why? I owe my mum over £100 cause of paying for shit for uni like my accomdation booking fee and my crb check, and on top of that i have to buy my passport and that means I can't buy any new make-up, went into boyes today and they're stocking some decent stuff at the moment and even though it is cheap as chips I can't afford any of it, I need a new concealer, some more lipsticks and some better blusher but no, not even for just over £5 can I afford it. You know what world? Bite me.
Ok... Better
Here's the look:
sorry you're peering up my nose here but the light was so bad this is the only angle I didn't look shoddy in...:P
Anyway, anyone interested in history will know, georgian and victorian ladys liked to have a pale complexion, it gave the impression they lived pampered indoor lives and did not have to slog it out in the fields like the working women. Those who couldn't get that whiter than white look cheated (kinda like we do these days but in the opposite direction, we use bronzer to fake a tan, they use powders to fake the pale) they used various facepaints and powders that were lead based and VERY POISONOUS and shortened their already short life expectancies (what with multiple pregnancies and births, no penecilin, less than great hygiene and interesting medical practices and baaaad diets) ahem, history lesson over for now.
They liked the pale face, thick eyebrows, flushed lips and flushed cheeks cause it was beauty :) okay
Here's what I used:
Snazaroo white face paint (code 000), some blush from the nameless ruby and millie palette (just researched it, apparently it is a travel case set, still without a proper name, but google it, it's red patent/pu case), colours P9 and Br12 from the 120 palette, collection 2000 matte lip cream in cotton candy 1 and rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in 004 black brown (regardless of your colouring use a dark pencil cause they liked thick dark brows k?), collection 2000 translucent loose powder and bourgoise face powder in vannile.
How to:
Use your fingers and rub them in the white paint and gently rub some off onto your face, because we don't want to be ghostly like the Geisha, just damned pale. Do this all over your face, working in a light layer of white, then grab a big fat powder brush and rub it into the bourgoise powder and apply that all over the face, then do the same with the loose powder. Now get your blush and a large brush and get a little powder on the brush, apply all over the cheeks and build up the colour until you look flushed. Now get an eyeshadow brush and pick up some P9 and wash that over your eyelids up to the bone of your socket then under the lower lash line, use Br12 just on the outer corner. Now to do your brows, get the pencil and from the thickest part of your brow in a straight line draw in your eyebrow to meet the other side of your eyebrow, like you can see I've done on mine:
And colour the rest of your brow with the pencil. For your lips its simple, just fill them in with the lip cream and you're done :), now go get them gentlemen girls and marry into wealth or whatever xD

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