Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Flawless skin.

Ok, this is an odd one for you tonight as I will ot be listing many specific products. This post is a out flawless skin. I try to make sure, every post I do, be it eyes or lips or a full face that my skin looks its best before I set out to show you what I've got to offer you, so now I'm going to show you how I do it.
Firstly you'll want to make sure your skin is clean! If you want just go over your skin with a baby wipe if you have had no make-up on today like myself because it's a hot day and make-up is stifling in the heat. Then moisturise, you'll probably have your own preferred moisturiser, make sure it suits your skin type, if it's oily use a mattifying moisturuiser to cancel out the effects of oily skin, for very dry skin like mine use something NON-oil based because our skin doesn't need oil it needs water, I love benfits triple performing moisturiser it's oil free and like most moisturisers has an SPF of 15. If your budget is not able to stretch to benefit, Johnsons daily essentials hyrdating 24 hour for dry skin is lovely and doesn't feel heavy or make your skin feel clogged and for normal skin, Johnsons also do moisturiser for normal (combination) skin. Give that 5 minutes to soak in, because if you aply right over freshly moisturised skin it sinks in with the moisturiser, looks patchy and causes spots. Once you've waited about 5 minutes, go back and apply a base, I like Avons magix perfector, it suits any skin type and any skin tone from my pale English nerd complexion to my friends gorgeous African complexion because it has no colour pigment in it, it mattifies and evens out the tones of skin and minimises pores like wow! Now for your foundation, I like to use a powder personally, but whatever product you prefer get a brush! I use Bourjois mineral eclat powder in vanille and a kubuki brush to apply it with, when it comes to powders apply in circles from the center of the face outwards, for liquid, mousse, cream and "liquid to powder" foundation, use a foundation brush and in short sweeping motions from the center of your face work your foundation outwards using a minimal amount of product that you have made sure is the right colour for your skin, a way to test is, get a pocket mirror and go into a shop, fnd the foundation you think is closest to your skin tone, get a blob of the tester on your finger and pop back outside and test it in natural sunlight on your jawline. You may look mad but you'll look beautiful later on when you have flawless skin and testing it in natural light is better than in the yellowy shop light. Now once you've got your face covered lightly, get some translucent powder, I like collection 2000's loose powder in transluscent #2 it's silky smoooth, get a large powder brush, get some on the brush and tap off the excess and then sweep the powder over your nose and forehead then your chin and cheeks, it evens out your colour and mattifies.
Now for blusher, or bronzer, optional, choose a blusher that's closest to the natural flush of your cheeks, latin skins and olive tones, use darker rusty reds and plum reds (that rich purply red) sparingly of course, you don't want to look like you just stepped out of the 80's xD for light skin tones like mine, choose rosey pinks with golden tones in it and peach colours, they are light, soft and suit your skin tone beautifully, for medium to dark skin, use corally reds, and toned down reds, use your blush sparingly.
For bronzer it's simple, you get light and dark, dark sin tones, from olive to dark, use the darker bronzer, for porcelain to light olive tones go for the lighter bronzer no matter how good you think it may look don't go for the dark you'll go orange! to apply either blush or bronze, get a large brush, and pick up a little powder, for loose powder, tap off excess for compact powders swirl the brush round two or three times to pick up the right amount and smile big! Show all your teeth and that part of your cheeks that juts out the most, start there and sweep the blush backwards, build up a light layer of colour with 3 or 4 sweeps of blush to get that glowing look. for bonzer wash across your nose, temples and chin with the bronzer lightly so as not to over do it and build up colour slightly to give yourself a glow. And done :D
Now go and work it!

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