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Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunset sonata

The sun is STILL shinig and I am getting broooonze :D So pleased with this weather! hehe anyyway, on with the look:
In honour of that blazing ball in the sky, which provides me with vitamin D here's a sunny candified orange/yellow look to usher in more of this glorious weather. Well here we are:
What to use:
From the 120 palette, use Y3 and O5 and grab a bronzer to suit your skin tone, remember those of us with pale complexions, go for a light bronzer so as not to look orange, and those with darker skin, go for a deeper bronzer because a light bronzer will only look like a highlighter on the face which is not the aim of a bronzer ;)

Righty ho, lets get thos show on the road, here's how to:
With the orange, wash over your lids creating a strong colour, if it looks pale just build up the layers of shadow until you're happy, using a brush or applicator sponge makes this less of a problem. then from the crease of your lid up to your brow, shade in the yellow, make it deep in the crease and fade out to the brows to look like the rays of sunshine :D
Now grab a big fluffy brush and take a small amount of bronzer and quickly dut this all over your face to get a golden dewey glow. Great for days at the park chilling with your besties, or for an evening out in the dying daylight.
toodles dears xxx

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