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Monday, 7 May 2012

And now for something totally different...

Remember I spoke of a model much earlier in my blog? Well here is her first starring role here... welcome to the internet SHIVANI!

I think she looks ace :D she isn't used to wearing so much make up, she's quite the natural type only often wearing a light layer of foundation so I think she was shocked. Anyway, I didn't make her look too over done really, I only put some primer, foundation and blusher on, some shadow on her eyes and some mascara. So here's what I used, this is a good look for those who don't want to wear obvious make up, or if it's a first date or special occasion and you just want to look natural but still be wearing make up :) >>>
The equipment: Avon magix primer, foundation (whichever you prefer, matching it to your skin tone, I tend to like the creme or liquid types they're nice to use with a brush), accessorise blusher in shade 3, collection 2000 pressed powder, urban decay eyeshadow in half baked and any mascara of your choice, I use bourjois volumiser mascara (the one with the 2 stage brush)

Hokey kokey, here we go this is how we do this:
Firstly prime all over your face with the Avon magix primer, make sure it's all even and goes upto your hair line and just under your jaw I used a sponge which is preferable it makes it easier and keeps your hands clean. Then do the same with the foundation, use a brush and apply the foundation, starting from your nose and working outwards, go over your eyes. If you have asian skin, you may find you suffer with darker circles under your eyes, take extra care with them, and after applying the foundation with a brush, just get a little on your fingers and dab it on over the draker areas. Then with a big powder brush dust all over your face and eyes with the powder, then grab an angled blusher brush grin big, flashing your teeth and from the part of your cheek that juts out most under your eyes sweep blusher backwards towards your ear following the way your cheeks jut outwards when you smile. That's the face, then to your eyes, with a soft eyeshadow brush wash over your lids with the gold eyeshadow until its nice a glowing, then coat your lashes in mascara.

Tada, glow forth and be happy :D

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