Saturday, 5 May 2012

It's revamp saturday!

So I have updated the blogs look as I may decide to do on a monthly/ bimonthly basis... And to celebrate this switcharoo, I have the delight of posting you you all a trans-gender post today, my good ol' buddy Carrick sat for me a few weeks ago for some make-ups. Here are the results...
See... pretty as a purple picture :D
I do need stronger blush though, because you cannot see it on the pictures... hmmm. Anyway, if you are gonna wear make up boys, make sure you have shaved as close as you can so you are super smooth :) It helps immensly with the application of all the coverage you shall need to create a nice, even and attractive amount of coverage without looking like you have trowelled it on! :D I'm also experimenting with covering eyebrows currently for some seriously out landish looks with crazy eyebrows for those who have a "YEAH!? BRING IT" attitude and want wacky brows without shaving your natural ones off :)
Anyway here's how we do this....
You're gonna need a translucent face powder, I used a collection 2000 sheer loose powder #2 translucent. I also used benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation in "lite" but you use which ever foundation you like but make sure it is the same colour or a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Also in the mix I threw in some Bourjois Éclat Minéral radience powder in my colour which is vanillé but again, use whichever colour is the closest match to your skin. The list just gets bigger, and this is just the face so far! I've not even come to the eyes... I also used Avons magix face perfector and Avon face pearls for blush, which I evidently need to revise hahaha and buy some more pigmented blush. OK, this is how I covered his face to make him look flawless ;)
Firstly use Avons magix face perfector with your fingers or a sponge applicator and cover your WHOLE face in it. that includes going over your eyelids and upto your hairline. Then, take up your foundation and with the same applicator or a foundation brush (BUT NEVER YOUR FINGERS OR HAND!) do the same cover your whole face until you are happy with the blend out of colour, make sure there is no fondation line on your jaw and blend the make up into your hair line and down past your jaw line so it looks invisible like you're wearing nothing at all :D. Then use the Bourjois powder and over your nose and forehead and across your cheeks blend it in to add some matte colour over your make up with the powder pad inside, then use a big brush such as a kabuki brush or large powder brush and dust your whole face with the powder to set your colour and give a matte glow to your face. NOW TO THE BLUSH MOBILE! Use an angled blusher brush or a medium sized powder brush and grin big and where your cheeks poke out the most is where you apply your blush, you start closest to your nose and work backwards to your eyes over and over layering the colour up until you are happy with your colour, I used 3 washes of blush on Carrick. And that is his basic face done...

Tada a bonny wee lad if I ever saw one.
Now for his eyes >>>>
I used my big palette of colours from light in the box, colours V3 and Pu9 and Avon super shock eyeliner in blackberry.
This bit is relatively easy (except on my model who has flickery eyelids and wouldn't sit still!). Anyway, we used V3 on all of the eyelid to make it an even wash of purple, then into the crease and the outer corner I blended Pu9. Then I used the purple eyeliner and just lined above the upper lash line with a semi-thick line and coated his eyelashes in mascara :)
See :) Very fluttery.
Anyway that's all for this one folks :D

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