Sunday, 20 May 2012

You are GOLD always believe in your soooul... ahem.

Here we some guilded goodness coming at ya like slam!
I couldn't think what to do now I've finished my history blog, I am at an end of that... and the beginning of what? May have to go ask my facebook page what it thinks ( hmmm, I'm debating doing some random bits or doing another theme like disney princess or hogwarts... well... hmmm. Until then it'll have to be random bits. Like todays golden ray of sunshine on a bleak, grey english day.
Behold the almpst painful level of gold going on here, I am the gilded girl, King Midas poked me in the eyes, I had an unfortunate schmelting accident (if you know your Austin Powers, you should be giggling by now), and other gold bassed references... oh wait... 24k peepers :D I'm done now, comment if you have any more puns you want to share with me.
Moving on, and getting down to buisness, lets tell you what I used so you can recreate this look for yourselves:
Maybelline Great Lash blackest black mascara, Bourjois Volumizer mascara, Barry M Kohl Pencil #29 bronze, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals gel liner #3 funk, Bourjois Éclat Minéral pressed powder #02 vanillé, Collection 2000 sheer loose powder #2 translucent, Claires Accsseories body crayon in Gold from the dark set, Avon Arabian glow bronzing pearls, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Half Baked, from the 120 palette G1, G3, G4, G7, some 4mm size skin gems (can be already adhesive or you can use eyelash glue to stick them to the skin)
Now, this is how you make yourselves into golden gals, or guys:
Firstly, get G1 and with a soft brush wash the colour over your lids and up to your eyebrow. Then use the same brush and apply G4 to your lid, and again with the same brush apply G3 to the outer corner and crease of your eyelid, then use G7 under your lower lashline to about a third of the lashline and the upper lashline all of it. Then get your eyeliner and line the lower lashline where ever you haven't got your gold shadow. Then use the first mascara and apply a thin layer to your upper lashes and lower lashes, then use the Bourjois to coat your upper lashes (the reason we use 2 is I have found the first one preseperates the lashes, preventing clumping and adding even more volume and longer wear and Boyes is a good place to get these products for cheap). Now get the gems and stick them in the way I have done, one in the inner corner of your eye and 4 in a diamond on your outer corner. Now cover your now dry lashes in glitter and in the gap made by your gem, fill that with glitter and the inner corner, slick some glitter radiating from that gem. And now just to bronze that face a tad, use a big brush and apply some Bourjois face powder to your cheeks, chin and forehead, and do the same with the translucent powder. Now get an angled brush and lightly sweep some bronzer from your temples to the apple of your cheeks to add a golden glow :)
Now for your lips, use the bronze eyeliner pencil and shade in the center of your lips and smudge it outwards with your finger and then line your lips in the gold crayon and smudge that inwards to blend with the bronze. Sorted :D
Now go forth and glow my darlings!

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