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Sunday, 13 May 2012

It's all Greek to me.

I look slightly crazy in my ancient Greek get up :P
Hahaha well for anyone doing a Greek play wanting to recreate a Greek womans make up or if it is for a costume for whatever reason and you like getting your details right then here's a look for you.
They thought a pale face (because it meant you hadn't had to go outside and work and were therefore rich), red cheeks, red lips and dark eyelids and eyebrows were signs of beauty. You can bet they didn't look like the bronzed sirens of hollywood that grace our screens in films like Troy!
They used lead paint, red ocher and charcoal to get the looks they wanted.
Anyway, lead is toxic to us, red ocher and charcoal are old school so I used these instead:
Barry M kohl pencil in Black, Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in Fairy Cake 3, eyeshadows from my palette in Bl1 and Bl4, Snazaroo face paint in white (code 000) and avon magix face perfector. For blush I used one from a Ruby and Millie palette, I don't know the name of the blush or the palette. But just use any reddy coloured blush or a red toned blush.
Firstly prime your face with the Avon primer, then with your hands, rub your fingers into the face paint, you should pick some up and just gently rub that on to your face. Don't use a brush and water, you'll rub off the primer and it will be way too white, this method means you get just the right amount of white on your face. Then sweep the lip cream on to your lips, just one coat will do. Then use your index finger to apply the shadow, use Bl4 all over your lids, and do just keep it on your lids, nothing fancy and don't get it all over, on such a pale face it will look like you've been punched! Then use Bl1 on the outter corner to darken the outter part slightly to make it stand out more. Then use your eyeliner pencil to shade in your eyebrows, because they didn't have the option of browns and blondes to thicken the eyebrows and the black look was considered more desirable, just shade in your brows natural shape not too heavily but don't be gentle either.
And there you go :) they had no mascara, no eyeliner, but they sure made it look good or crazy, depends on your outlook.
Next week, Tribal Africaaaaaaa :D

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