Monday, 21 May 2012

A little bit RAWR

Welp, heres something of a staple for me, animal print, done zebra and tiger so far and now for tonight I've got leopard!
It's reaal easy to do and needs only 4 products!
What you need:
Black eyeliner pencil I use my Barry M one, the shade Br5 from the 120 palette, Bronze eyeliner I used Barry M #29 and collection 2000 cream puff matte lipcream in angel delight 4.
simple to do, eyes wash over the lid with Br5 and then with the back line draw little c shapes facing random directions on your eyelid in random spots and every so often a little circle or a dot by the opening of a c shape then fill the hollow of the c shape with the bronxe coloured pencil.
For your lips, apply the lip cream and then dab your finger in Br5 and pat that over your lips evenly, then draw little c shapes and circles and c shapes with dots near the opening like on the eye in random spots on your lips and the fill the hollows of your c shapes with the bronze liner. To make it last for ages, apply some lipcote over the lips to seal the colour.
How easy was that!?
Rawr darlings

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