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Friday, 18 May 2012

Geisha face a gogo

*sound of shamisen and japanese singing*
Hello darlinks :D didn't post yesterday I was busy doing college work (which I should be doing now but I cannot neglect you again)
So I'm still on the history band wagon at the moment, and I've brought for you today a Geisha (not a perfect one, I'm not practiced like the Geisha in Japan, especially Kyoto Geisha) and the tutorial uses suprisingly few products but I may end up having to recommend more to make your look more polishhed than mine.
Here we go :) I don't have the Japanese profile either, so alas it's never likely to look perfect :( and I got it in my hair x(
Here's what I used: Snazaroo face paint in white (code 000), Black liquid eyeliner (doesn't matter which but don't use an expensive one cause this will ruin it I used a anonymous free sample I've had for ages), eyeshadow colour R5 and rimmel lasting finish 1000 kisses lip liner in dynamite red #21, and a pinky blusher from a palette by ruby and millie that I do not know the name of :( sorry but and pinky blush will do.

Ok, I'm gonna suggest other products as I go along to improve the quality of your finish in comparison to mine which sucked cause I rushed a bit. Ok, to start with you're gonna want to prime your face, use a thick primer, something like a thick cream or stick concealer, to smooth the texture of your skin and to even your complexion out. And conceler will stand up better to the punishment of the water in the facepaint better. Coat you whole face in concealer!!!! And try to do it evenly, so use a sponge, my technique is like this, dap/stirpe/smear some concealer straight onto your face and smooth it around with the sponge, build layers until you are staisfied your face is even and smoooooth. Now to remove your eyebrows... yep, Geisha covered their natural eyebrows so don't worry this comes off with a good wash: First what you do is smooth your brows down with a brow brush until all your hairs are flat to your head. Then get some NON-TOXIC WASHABLE glue stick (prittstik is always good, I use that) and smear it on to flatten the heck outta your brows some more, and use a finger to smooth the brows down, now get a small spatular or I use the flat end of a cocktail stiring stick and mush some more glue onto your brows so they are sticky and flat as the proverbial pancake. Once that's done and you ar positive your brows are flat and going nowhere, grab some stick or cream concealer and apply that over your brows evenly, then dust over that with a brush and some transparent or slightly tinted powder, now repeat the concealer and powder bits until you have invisible brows. Now blend around that until it looks as though you naturally don't have eyebrows (you can see in the picture I didn't do this, I was pushed for time but it's worth it if you want the effect). OK, not your face should look odd because it is one solid colour. Wait for everything to feel dry and set this should take a few minutes so go on facebook, check email or do a puzzle.
When it's dry, get a cup of water and a foundation brush, dip the very tippy tip of the brush in the water and swirl the brush in the white paint until the consistency is like paste and starting from your nose radiating outwards paint your face white. Keep mixxing your paint up and dipping your brush in the water to keep your paint supply up remembering what the consistency should be like.
Let the first layer dry. Then, thickening the consistency of the paint a little, do another layer to even out the colour using a sponge, dabbing it on, then, clean your brush and dry it, or use a clean kabuki brush and buff the lines out of the make up using gentle circles. Make sure you cover your lips well and truely!
Now get a large powder brush and swirl it in your blush to get a light level of colour on it and sweep it up and down your cheek until you get a light bloom of colour. Now to your eyes, use an angled eyeliner brush and dust the red lightly around the outer corner and sweep it in to your inner corner on your upper lid and half way to your inner corner on the lower lid. The starting from the middle of your upper lash line, draw a thick straight line, don't follow the curve of your eye, just start from that point and draw outwards till just past the corner of your eyelid, then from half way into your lowerr lashline draw a think line up to meet that end and fill in the gap.
Now for your eyebrows, use a grey eyeshadow and another angled eyeliner brush to draw on a thin, medium dark grey brow on, make it thin and curved.
If I ever do this again, I'll make sure I have more time to make it good for you.
Goodbye friends.

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