Saturday, 12 May 2012


That title took far less time to think up than you'd like to think xD
Second day of history week and I'm giving to you some jazzy eyes of Aztec quality :)
I'm unfortunately a little disappointed in the way they have turned out, they're not as neat as I wanted them to be and I personally think I could do better, but that's irrelevant right now. I can always come back to these looks later and change them to make them better. Also, my actual eyeballs look less than attractive at the moment, my contacts dried them out and made them uncomfortable, I really shouldn't have done a look tonight but... I promised daily and daily you'll get!
This is basically done with a whole bunch of eyeliners, I used Avons super shock gel liner in blackberry, Barry M eyeliner in (I've given up with the numbers) Red, Black, Turquoise, Pink, Green and Blue. I also used a Claires Accersoires Body crayon in gold and Avon Precission Glimmer eyeliner in olive and sleek eyeliner in canary
Here's how,
The eye on the left is done by creating diagonal lines on your eyelind starting with a balck V shape in the middle of your eyelid and creating lines of colour on either side till your eyelid is filled and then filling in the middle of the V and adding a central V within that, feel free to use the colours in any order you wish.

The right eye is done by making a cross shape in the center of your eyelid and drawing two outlines in various colours around it and adding a dot in the middle of the cross, then draw two diagonal lines about the width of your pinkie finger nail from the cross and filling in the gaps with colour.

The tutorial is not a tricky one, but a steady hand helps to not make it look a mess like I did. Oh and sharpen your eyeliners for it, it helps :)
Anyway, have fun with your colours here, don't even have to use the colour I used, if you have any wacky colours then go crazy :D
I think neon would look especially good but I have no neon.
Next week it is Ancient Greece and I promise it will look better :)

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