Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happy 166th Carl Fabergé!

It was Carl Fabergé's 166th yesterday, so I though in honour of someone who created some truely beautiful things I should create a look inspired by the eggs he is famous for:
It's alot of different shadows on this one to create the desired rich lapis lazuli blue, but I think it's worth it, and I recommend using a liquid liner for the gold detail, I don't have one yet, I'm waiting for it to come through the post so :P
Ok, here is the list for eyeshadows:
From my 120 palette: B5, B7 and Pu6, From my Urban Decay collection Jinx and Flipside (I haven't seen them lately, so I think they may have been limited editions or discontinued?) and the dark blue from my Ruby and Millie palette yep... 6 shadows on my eyes :D
Then I just used my avon supershock gel liner in fawn to make the pattern, only it's not a strong enough gold, so seriously, do get a liquid one, Barry M has a nice one :) Anyway here is the how to
start with the 120 palette, use B5 fisrt over the lid, then B7 then Pu6, these are fine to be swept on with a brush, and blended into one colour on the lid, then take the blue from the ruby and millie palette and blend that in too. Now get Jinx if you have hold of it, or a shimmering mid blue if not, and tap that on top of the lid, and then do the same with flipside, put PLENTY of that on, if you can't get hold of flipside, use an irridescent turquoise. Just thought.... I am wearing clothes in this picture HAHAHA just my face was so close to the camera you can't see anything but my shoulders xD
Like I said the gold is appauling and I'm sorry... but I do my best with what I've got, the gold is simply done, It's a fish scale pattern, starting from the lash lline, make little joined up U shapes and the stack them up in a staggered way with the next row of U's middles over the points between the lower U's like this
If that makes sense :)
Happy glamming kids

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