Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Not a sparkle in sight here, not for gothic-vampy looks, so as to eschew the "I am a sparkly prancing vampire" label that seems to land smack in the face of goth+glitter haha
I've attempted the cut crease method here, a note i would say for girls or guys using this method, don't do what I did, i sugest wetting the brush slightly to do this so the lines remain crisp as dry powders smudge much more easily... which is what mine did so the cut was not as sharp as intendid as you can see:

Ah well, I know for next time to pay more attention :)
It's not a hard one to do this, so don't worry, and you can add glitter if you want I'm just majorly anti-twilight x).
You want a black eyeliner (I use Barry M of course, #1), black an purple eyeshadow (I used colours Bl4 and Pu9 from the palette I always use :~) )
Here's how to:
firstly, take the black eyeliner, and where the crease of your eyelid is (that bit which is the fold when you open your eyelids... ) draw a faint line to mark your boundry.
Take an eyeshadow brush and keep it dry to apply the purple on to your eyelid, build up the colour until you're satisfied and blend a thin line of purple under the lash line. Now for the black, clean your brush and dampen it with a bit of water, keep it just damp so it picks up colour easy but doesn't soak everything, and where you made the line with your eyeliner start there and apply the colour above that line and blend it out thinner at the inner corner and thicker at the outer corner. Blend this out so the edge is blurred.
If any excess powder strays on to your purple, just reapply purple over it :~)
Add lashings of mascara and add black or purple glitter over the mascara if you like :~)
You should complete, for a full goth look, apply white foundation, or my preferred white facepaint using your fingers gently over your face like in the ancient greek tutorial and slick on some purple or black lipstick (for purple use the claires body crayons, they're easier to apply)
And you're done :D

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