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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woadent you believe it?

Hahahaha I'm sorry I couldn't resist I love my puns :D
here's some woady goodness, inspired by the war paint on Kiera Knightly's arm band in the film Arthur ( you'll see it here)
It's not neat but that's because the eyeshadow is not as highly pigmented as I had hoped it would be :(and running the eyeliner over the lines again and again would make my eye sore)
Anyway, I used Barry M's metallic blue liner in #6, but I wasn't impressed with the depth of colour or the easy with which it went on, it's not a good consistency to get the rich colour I wanted, so use another for this to make the colour pop.
The design is simple, a long line of medium thickness over the lash line, lines starting in either corner of your eyelid, meeting almost at the middle before they curve up into what should have been a spiral but as I said, the colour wasn't rich :(
Then where there is the gap where your lines have curled upwards, draw a large dot. Then It's done, if I ever revisit this, I'll probably use this liner again, but as a uide, then go over it in a navy blue liquid eyeliner...

You can see I'm not happy with it hahaha.
Here is some woady history:
Woad comes from... wait for it... A YELLOW FLOWER, it's cut into bits, rolled up and dried, then when that's done, it's broken up into water and allowed to ferment then dried again and processed in various ways to make dyes for the skin or for cloth... Tadaaaaa
(this website where I got some of the info from tells you more
Have a happy end of the week :D

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