Friday, 11 May 2012

Walk like an Egyptian

Wey oh wey oooh wey oooh (youtube "the bangles walk like an egyptian" and you'll get what I mean)

Hey hey, sorry, long time no post, had a melt down over my college work the other day and just managed to smack myself about enough to come to my senses again. Here I am with a new post and that good old fashioned stiff upper lip :) (kidding about the smacking myself haha, I had a cry and now I'm better)
I'm doing another themed week, this time it's historical looks which I have researched so I am going for accuracy and fantasticness ;D One or two or the historical periods have no clear indication the women wore make up, so I have decided either to imitate the mens war paint or take inspiration from their textiles or jewellery to do the look.
Today's theme if you haven't already guessed it (if you haven't shame on you) is Egypt, Ancient Egypt to be exact, which has always held a particular fascination for me, I used to want to be n Egyptologist for a living, now it's a hobby because... well, I'm just flaky when it comes to deciding what I want to be :D.
I looked at the bust of Neferatiti for some inspiration and from Elizabeth Taylors Cleopatra character (not historically acurate but beautiful none the less)... So... Here we go:

Egyptian make-up was highly stylised and ornamental and only the rich wore as much make up daily as they did for ceremonies because the pigments were expensive. Kohl was easily available and so was charcoal to blacken round the eyes to ward off the evil eye and bad spirits and bring blessings and bestow the sought after almond shaped eyes which were considered beautiful.
I've used a plain black kohl pencil, Barry M's #1, eyeshadows were Urban Decays homegrown, misdemeanor and from my lablled palette Gr10. I also used an eyebrow pencil, for this look though just use a black kohl because the Egyptians went for well defined eyebrows and often shaved their natural ones and drew replacement ones on, I couldn't be bothered to cover my eyebrow as I've not perfected that technique yet.
Here's how we do this:
Firstly cover your eyelid in Urban Decay Misdemeanor, then Homegrown over that and then tap on Gr10. After you've done your eyeshadow, line your eyes, upper and lower lashes with a medium thickness line making sure you go round the whole eye like you can see on my pictures, then carefully draw a line from the outer corner of your eye and thicken in slightly till it blends with the upper line in terms of their thickness like the above picture shows.

As you can see, my eyebrows are thick and defined, my eyeliner encirclees my eyes and the green eyeshadow does not poke past my eyelid so when I close my eyes, my lids become an oasis of green.
If you are lucky enough to be nice and tanned for whatever reason grab a light to medium bronzer and wash it over your cheek bones with a large brush to bring out your tan because the Egyptians lived in North Africa, they had good tanned skin :) Oh and by the way, I envy your tan ;D

Anyway goodbye girlies for tonight, tomorrow expect Aztec themed fun with a bit of a twist ;D *sundances into the sunset*

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