Monday, 14 May 2012

The mighty hunter

Hahaha dorky title I know, but that preconception some peoplehave that Africa is a land of Amazon like forests and full of lush tropical zones is... wrong. It's quite alot of desert, and plains and some foresty bit in the middle where Africa spans the equator. Anyway, that bit's nothing to do with what I post about which is make-up, so here we go, my African tribal themed historical post:
I took my inspiration from this website : the pattern on my eyes comes from one of the triangle things dangling from what may be her ear. The rest of it, colours and the other stuff on my face I made up for fun which you can do too if you want.
Alrighty, this is what we do: we use 3 types of snazaroo facepaint, black (code 111) green (code 444) and white (code 000), a small cup full of water and the flattened end of a wooden cuticle pusher.
How to do this:
First get the white out, dip your finger in the water and put A DROP of water on the paint, then use the flat end of the cuticle pusher to mix the paint to the consistency of sticky mud. Then gather that up on the flat part of the cuticle pusher and use a tooth pick or something (NOT A NEEDLE! That's the wrong kind of pointy) If you're creative, just chop the pointy end of the cuticle pusher off and use that. Dip the pointy end in and make dots in a triangle shape in the centre of your eyelid mine went:

Then on your lower lash line, dab 4 equalish spaced dots of white paint on your lower lash line.
See? Do the same for both eyes, then wipe the excess paint off the cuticle pusher.
Now for black, like we did with the white put a drop of water using your fingers on to the paint and use the flat end of the pusher to mix the water and paint to a mud like consistency and then gather the mud like paint on to the flat part of the cuticle pusher. Then dip the pointy piece into the paint and dot around the edge of the tirangle like in the picture.
I think you have th jist now of how to make up the paint, now you just do the same for the green after you have thoroughly cleaned the black off the wooden cuticle pusher. Then on your lower lash line, on wither side of the white dots, put a black dot and then round your tear duct (the inner corner of your eye) put four dots curving upto your eyelid. For the green dot the outside of the triangle in any way you want, and then on your lower lash line, in between black dots put a green dot.
And the eyes are done.

Now for the extra bits, you'll likely have excess green paint on your cuticle pushers flat side, streak your cheeks with it from your eye diagonally. Mix some more black paint and flank the green with black lines that are angled away from the green stipe, then use the black to strip down your nose and with the black again make 3 stripes under your lower lips, make the middle line longer than the two either side of it.
Happy hunting babes :D

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